Complaints – FAQs

Note: These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are provided as a guide only. They have no impact on the terms and conditions or policies of Orion Satellite Systems Pty Ltd or of reachnet. In the case of inconsistency, the terms and conditions and policies of Orion Satellite Systems Pty Ltd and reachnet have precedence. If you have any doubt, please call 1300 798 007.

How do I complain about an issue relating to my reachnet service?

reachnet is committed to providing a high standard of customer service. In order to deliver this standard we actively seek feedback from our customers and view the management of complaints as a vital ingredient in improving our business and delivering better service.

In the event that a customer wishes to lodge a complaint, a three-step procedure has been developed.

Step 1: Lodging complaints

The first step in the complaints procedure is to lodge the complaint itself. There are two ways a customer can do this: 

• Email a complaint directly to reachnet (

• Telephone our customer service department on 1300 798 007

Step 2: Complaint progress

reachnet will acknowledge receipt of a customer complaint either by telephone, or in writing by email or fax.

We will endeavour to resolve outstanding complaints within 30 days where a complaint is not related to the guaranteed service levels outlined in our Terms and Conditions . Where the complaint is related to these service levels, the response times identified in those service levels will apply.

Whilst reachnet will make every effort to meet the response times identified, circumstances may prevent a resolution in this time frame. Circumstances may include a particularly complex problem, third party supplied services or equipment causing or contributing to the problem or incorrect or insufficient information being supplied by the customer to reachnet.

We reserve the right to refuse to investigate certain complaints where, in our opinion, the complaint is deemed to be frivolous or vexatious in nature.

Where the investigation of any complaint requires significant resources to be utilised, we reserve the right to charge the customer some or all of the cost of doing so. reachnet will advise the customer of the reasons for such a cost along with a cost estimate prior to undertaking any such investigation.

reachnet is not responsible for any costs incurred by the customer in the lodging of the complaint or in any subsequent follow up to the complaint.

reachnet will inform customers via letter, phone, email or fax of the outcome of their complaint.

Step 3: Escalation

If a customer believes that their complaint has not been adequately addressed, the customer can contact the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy if the complaint relates to an Australian Broadband Guarantee matter or the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman for all other complaints.