reachnet is your NBN NSS retail service provider

reachnet has been appointed as a retail service provider (RSP) for the NBN NSS satellite solution. Reachnet specialises in providing satellite broadband services to households, small businesses and Indigenous community organisations located in regional and remote regions throughout Australia. This simple step-by-step process will determine your eligibility and get you connected faster. Please be aware that initially the number of places available will be limited.

Features and benefits of NBN satellite broadband with reachnet:
  • Simple four-step process:
    Easy to follow process to have you connected sooner
  • Fast & effective:
    Speeds achieved on satellite broadband are 10-20 times faster than dial-up
  • Choose your plan:
    We have a wide range of plans to suit all kinds of people

Equipment and installation are at no cost to you as long as you are eligible and your installation is confirmed as being a standard installation. All equipment will be warranted for 3 years and becomes the property of the registered customer at their approved location. Note: limited places available so apply now.

Four-step process to NBN with reachnet

Step one:plans & pricing

Presently there are 8 plans available, please click here to review our current plans and select the right one for you.

Step two:am I eligible?

You may be eligible for an NBN satellite service – please click here to view the eligibility criteria and information.

Step three:registering your eligibility for an NBN service via the BSL

You will now need to register with NBN by entering your details into the BSL, please click here and follow the step by step instructions for the BSL registration process. Please note that we are not allowed to enter your details in the BSL this must be done by you. If you have any problems or difficulties, please call the NBN Solution Centre Hotline on Free call: 1800 687 626

After you have successfully completed the BSL registration, you will be sent a NBN welcome pack with step by step instructions on what to do next.

If you already have your declaration form, then all you need to do is fill in an application form (either on line by clicking here or we will fax or email an application form to you.

Step four:apply now with reachnet

Once you have received your NBN Welcome Pack, you will need to complete and sign the declaration form in the pack and send the completed form to reachnet. We will also need you to complete the reachnet application, please click here to complete the application form.

When your Declaration form and application form have been received, we will notify NBN Co and a technician will contact you to arrange a time and date for your reachnet NBN satellite installation.